“100 Photographers Focus on COVID-19” Call for photos, fight epidemic together

Sponsored by China Daily, co-organized by Wink Culture Group, Capital Library and Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and published by China Pictorial Press, the book “100 Photographers Focus on Covid-19” is now calling for news photography works from the majority of photographers.

As Chinese people are about to usher in the Chinese New Year 2020, a sudden epidemic has enveloped the land of Hubei, and then spread rapidly throughout the country. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the 1.4 billion Chinese people have joined forces to overcome the difficulties, and launched a people’s war, a general war and a resistance war for epidemic prevention and control. In this process, many praiseworthy anti-epidemic stories have emerged in all walks of life, especially the angels in white, who fought against the disease, devoted lives to retrograde, unremitting, sticking to the line, practicing the original intention and mission of the doctor with love and life, and caring for one life after another. Photographers were not absent from the epidemic, recording the cities that seemed to have been pressed the pause key, and the reversers who never stopped. They used camera to present and retain the hospital ward, streets and alleys, scenes of heartbreaking and painful moments, and also recorded scenes full of love and confidence. Moments, vivid pictures and life stories are engraved with a history, recording a destiny and spirit, which will bring readers touching stories and power of moving forward, and will become the best witness to win this epidemic prevention and control resistance war.

“100 Photographers Focus on COVID-19” Call for Photos

  • Shooting Time: only within the epidemic period
  • Photo Content: record and display of the historical moments of the COVID-19 outbreak and the life of the people during the epidemic.
  • File Format: single color photo, JPG format, PS post-processing composite photo is not accepted, the longest side of the photo is greater than 3000 pixels, and resolution is 300. (in case of any infringement of the rights and interests of others, such as portrait right, reputation right, privacy right, copyright, etc., all legal liabilities and losses caused by the infringement shall be borne by the contributors themselves.)
  • Publishing Date: the book of “100 Photographers Focus on Covid-19” will be launched during the book launch ceremony and exhibition after the epidemic.
  • Selected Photo: the author of the photo will be given RMB 200 for each photo, one book of “100 Photographers Focus on Covid-19”, and certificate.
  • Author Information: please indicate your name, mailing address, mobile phone number and identification number in a .txt file. (the author’s name must be the same as identification document. Information collected is used for courier service and payment)
  • Submission Method: Please compress and zip the photos and email to: focus@chinadaily.com.cn, and name the zip file and email subject as the author’s name. Even photo has to be submitted with a .txt file written with a detailed description of the photo. The picture description shall include five elements of news, shooting time (specific to mm / DD / yyyy), location, characters, events, etc.
  • Deadline: when the Chinese government announced the epidemic is over.
  • Contact: Lu Zhongqiu, Liu Huishi, Tel: 010-64995335

About 100 Photographers Focus Project

“100 Photographers Focus Project” is a well-known brand in China’s photography industry founded by China Daily. Since 2003, China Daily has successively launched 19 exquisite “100 Photographers Focus” books on many topics, they are “SARS”, “Facing the Cold”, “Reporting from Epicenter”, “2008 Olympics”, “China”, “2010 Gaungzhou Asian Games”, “Taiwan”, “Macao”, “Russia”, “Shaanxi”, “Canada”, “Retracing the Long March”, “Hong Kong”, “Brazil”, “Shanghai”, “The 40 years of China’s reform and opening”, “Jiangsu”, “The 70 years of new China. Each book launched with exhibition of selected photos in many universities, libraries and so on.

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