2017 Photography Art Tour Exhibition (Chongqing)

[Local photography · Dazzling International] a theme exhibition and SOM workshop 2017 photography art tour exhibition Chongqing was successfully held at Chongqing Contemporary Art Museum. The exhibition was co-sponsored by SOM and Chongqing Yangtze River Contemporary Art Museum, Wink Imaging Chongqing, and Chongqing Photography Industry Association.

Group photo of speakers and students

During the exhibition, the 2017 WPPI Bridal Non-Wedding Day Gold Award Winner David Wang and the Fashion Gold Award Winner Ryan Tan were invited to share at the forum and live shooting demonstration for art photography enthusiasts. That was an great opportunity for students to interact with speakers and learn to improve their photography skills.

Photo of the director of Wink Group with the 2 WPPI winners

The photography art exhibition introduced the SOM’s 2017 WPPI award-winning works from a new perspective, allowing the public to see the world’s leading post-production images, presenting art photography in a “contemporary” form of expression, and delivered new ideas in photography.

Harley Davidson’s participation in opening ceremony.

Various new forms of traditional art are assembled and exhibited in the museum, continuing the new craftsmanship features, such as: Xiabu special image printing by Ms. Yang Qing, the founder of the famous Chinese cultural and creative brand Lazy Tree, and the masterpiece of the famous artist Wu Huixia, “Hengshun Xianghe” printed on traditional Chinese rice paper (the original work is permanently collected by the Tiananmen Rostrum), the “Dream” by artist Ren Qian and the calligraphy by Mr. Zhang Keding, a member of Chinese calligrapher were printed on special medium such as Chinese rice paper and wood. The interaction of multi-materials and art expressed a creative inspiration.

Thousands of Buddha Temple hosts Mr. Chang Hui (middle), famous painting artist Mr. Wu Huixia (right)

The photography exhibition by SOM and Wink invited 2 WPPI Gold Award photographers to share the winning works in conjunction with the Yangtze River Art Museum. The exhibition created a grand event of art and images, and led the public into the world of art and travel at contemporary craft space.

On Mar 17 afternoon, 2 speakers shared their award winning work at WPPI, they are David Wang and Ryan Tan.

On Mar 18 afternoon, the 2 speakers conducted a joint photography workshop.

On Mar 20 morning, the famous Hong Kong movie star Mr. Xu Jinjiang visited the 2017 WPPI award-winning photography art exhibition.

Mr. Xu Jinjiang expressed his appreciation the photographer’s skills of light processing and image capturing, and amazed by the high-end quality printing of the exhibits, the choice of frame and site layout are perfectly integrated with the environment of the Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art.

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