2017 SOM x WPPI (Extraordinary Portraiture Workshop)

April 25, 2017, the “SOM x WPPI” Extraordinary Portraiture Workshop” was successfully held at the Xinyi Guild Hall in Fangcun, Guangzhou. The event was hosted by SOM, co-organized by Wink Impression, TP Portraiture Studio, 289 Image; site planning by Wink Imaging; sponsored by Eswenna Chanz, Clarance Wong, and W Makeup Studio; and participation from Canon EOS, Microsoft China, EIZO Display, TAMRON lens, and GODOX lighting equipment.

In order to introduce different photography styles, skills, creativity ideas and inspirations to photographers in China, SOM invites different internationally renowned photography speakers to SOM seminar every year. In 2017, the [Extraordinary Portraiture Workshop] event Guangzhou speakers were:

Asia Pacific’s digital printing expert, James Tan, shared a seminar of “compulsory course for printing competitions” from the perspective of printouts.

Jeremy Chan, the world-famous photographer Photoshop master, shared a post-processing analysis of “movie style” and “oil painting style”, as well as the rules of the WPPI competition.

Roger Tan, FMPA, shared a topic of “Explanation of Photography Perspective and Cohesion”.

Michael Greenberg, world’s top five wedding photographers, “photography genius”, and also WPPI judge, combined theory and practice to bring “lighting skills that can be successfully sold to customers.”

The winner of the WPPI fashion category in 2017, Ryan Tan (TAN Xingrui), shared “fully utilise the environmental props and lighting to create a different kind of photography.”

SOM teamed up with international masters and devoted their enthusiasm to create a full-day course full of sincerity for the students. From 9 am to 3 pm, 5 guest speakers conducted indoor photography coaching. The speakers enthusiastically shared their photography experience, introduced unique method to attract the judges of international competitions, and explained aesthetic photography, perspective, composition, cohesion, contrast and other photography knowledge.

From 3 pm to 7 pm, were the live shooting workshop: Roger Tan, Michael Greenberg, and Ryan Tan each demonstrated the content taught in the classroom, so that students could master theoretical knowledge in practical exercises.

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