About Us

Studio of Masters (SOM) is an international photography guild initiated by Wink Group in 2015. SOM is a comprehensive international service platform instilling self-value for photographers through promoting the development and inheritance of photography and image art culture.

SOM’s vision is to connect, integrate, and influence the Chinese and foreign photography industry, resources, and image art and cultural authorities to promote the exchange and development of Chinese and Western photographers, industries, and cultures, with the concept of “bringing in” and “guiding out”, as well as adhering to the development principle of “mutual assistance, sharing, and public welfare for a mutually beneficial results”. Through SOM’s model, the creation of “recommendations, education, competitions, pro contract management agreements, professional certification” and many more diversified services, continue to discover talent, training, cohering, servicing the Chinese and foreign outstanding photographers, all while creating an exclusive brand for photographers.

In 2017, SOM became the accredited international service exchange provider by China Portrait Photography Society (CPPS) and gained exclusive rights to become Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) representative in China.

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