China Sanmenxia International Photography Exhibition of Natural Ecology

November 16, 2019, the 3rd China Sanmenxia Natural Ecology International Photography Exhibition was held in Sanmenxia International Cultural Expo City.

The theme of this exhibition was “Symbiosis · Datong——Mother River Swan Lake”. The exhibition was sponsored by China Photographers Association, Henan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Sanmenxia Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Sanmenxia Municipal People’s Government, Dazhong Photography Magazine, Henan Photographers Association, Propaganda Department of the CPC Sanmenxia Municipal Committee, Sanmenxia City Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles Organized by China Photographers Association Training Center, Jinshan, Shaanxi, Henan, and Yellow River Times, Sanmenxia Photographers Association, and participation of Wink Cultural Group in curatorial of the exhibition, design, and production.

The 10-day exhibition featured more than 6,000 wonderful photographs from nearly 60 countries around the world. Among them, 120 works (groups) formally collected by the exhibition, about 300 meters of exhibition line, were selected by the “Dazhong Photography” magazine. In addition, a 2,700 meters exhibition line and 6,000 photos were specially selected with the theme of “green water, green mountains and biodiversity” to be exhibited.

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