“Golden Lens” Submission Deadline Extended to March 15

The “Shaohuashan” Cup’s 29th People’s Photography “Golden Lens” (2019) photojournalism photography contest, will be calling for submission from photographers worldwide for photos with news value, exclusive perspective, profound expression and rich content. The awards have been adjusted slightly, the amount of awards has been increased, and three evaluation committees have been set up: preliminary evaluation, final evaluation and video category.

People’s Photography News Agency
Publicity Department of Huazhou District Committee of the CPC Weinan City

Jiangsu Hanjin Group · Hanlong Cultural Institution
Visual China & 500px
Wink Cultural Group

China News Photography Network / People Photography Network / China Net Photo Center
Sina Picture / Bright Picture / Headline Picture
China Photography Network / China Photography Online / Sohu Photography

Deadline for Submission
March 15, 2020

Category Awards and Best Photo Feature of the Year Online Submission
1. Log onto People’s Photography Network: www.51peoplephoto.com, select “Golden Lens” submission area in the event column, and upload the entries as required.
2. Submission of the annual potential journalists via email, and are required to fill in an entry form Submission email: jinjingtou@qq.com
Please download entry form from the People’s Photography official website (www.51peoplephoto.com)
3. News Video
Log onto the People’s Photography “Golden Lens” · Visual China & 500px Community sub-contest news short video submission area (500px.me/contest/jinjingtou2019video), and submit in accordance with the competition requirements.

1. Best Photo of the Year: 10,000 yuan bonus and certificate. Awarded to the photographer of the best news photo of 2019 from the gold awards of various individual awards.
2. Annual Potential Reporter: Prize 10,000 yuan and certificate. Through the photojournalism photos in 2019 and personal materials provided by the candidate, a comprehensive evaluation of news photographers will be given to young photographers who have an exploration spirit and innovative potential in the field of news photography this year. Candidates are required to be engaged in news photography, under 35 years of age, and provide 10 sets of news photographs of the year (including 7 photos, 3 group photos, the subject matter is as rich as possible) and the newspaper magazine (digital format or website screenshots ), Articles (within 2000 words) embodying the choice of subject matter of the photojournalist, shooting ideas, and innovative shooting methods.
3. Best Photo Feature of the Year: 10,000 yuan bonus and certificate. This prize stipulates 20 – 30 special photos. If it is a special theme with a shooting time spanning the year, some photos must be taken in 2019.
4. Various Individual Award
One gold award: 5,000 yuan; one silver award: 2,000 yuan; one bronze award: 1,000 yuan; and a certificate will be issued.
A total of 55 excellent prizes, 50 photos and 5 videos were set up. Each winner will receive a photography book and certificate. (The above prizes are before tax)

There are 6 photo categories, each of which consists of single and group photo:
Breaking News: News photos that reflect sudden major events.
Non-Breaking News: News photos that show non-sudden events.
Daily Life and People Category: Record daily life and reflect news photos based on people with news value and social attention.
Culture and Economic News: News photos that show the developments in the fields of culture and arts, economic science and technology.
Sports news: Record news photos related to sports.
Natural Environment News: News photos that reflect the relationship between human and natural ecology.
Video category: Short videos news, reflecting news events or people in the form of short videos.
Event reports require interviews with the parties;
Technical requirements:
Duration: no less than 30 seconds, no more than 5 minutes; Size: File is less than 1G; Video is smooth and clear, no shake, no PS.

Entry Rules
1. Photo and short video must be taken in 2019.
2. Group photos must be completed in 2019, and the main photos must be taken in 2019.
3. Photo must be written with the title of the work and a full text description of the news elements (i.e. a clear location, time, etc.)
4. Group photos of 6-10, number of groups is unlimited.
5. Stitching, special effects, and other technically processed photos that violate the fact of news are not allowed to participate in the evaluation. At the same time, it is forbidden to use photos software to over adjust the color level, color contrast, saturation, grayscale and etc of the photo that affect the authenticity of the work.
6. There is no entry fee for this selection. The personal income tax of the winners will be paid by the organizing committee.
7. Participating works will not be returned. Legal issues involving portrait rights are the responsibility of the author. The organizer has the right to use the entries free of charge forever. These pictures can be reused for publishing and exhibition, etc., credit will be given to the author of the photo.
8. Once the winning work is found to be in violation of the entry requirements, it will be immediately disqualified and announced in the media.
9. Contact: Hou Siyuan Phone: 0351-4296758 For details, please refer to the website of People’s Photography News and WeChat public platform rmsybwx

Submission Requirements
1. Each file must be within 2MB. Only JPG images are allowed.
2. Candidates should ensure that they are the authors of the submitted works, and that they have independent, complete, clear, and undisputed copyrights on the whole and parts of the works; candidates should also ensure that the works they submitted do not infringe third party’s legal rights include copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, etc.
3. Works and behaviors that are sufficiently harmful to public order and customs will be disqualified immediately upon discovery. “Works and behaviors that hinder public order and good customs” include, but are not limited to, situations that may seriously mislead the public’s perception, have fraudulent nature, and violate all laws, morals, public order, or good customs.
4. Selected submissions: People’s Photography Newspaper has the right to use the submitted photos for non-commercial purposes such as distribution, exhibition, screening, and information network dissemination.
5. The decision of People’s Photography News Agency is final. Candidates shall be deemed to have agreed to all the requirements of this call for entry.

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