Photo Beijing 2019

Beijing International Photography Week 2019 was held on Oct 19, 2019. Beijing International Photography Week 2019 took “Image: Time · Memory” as the academic theme, “70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China” and “Belt and Road” as its content theme. The event was held at the China Millennium Monument, covering the opening day activities, photo exhibition, photography fair, off-site exhibition, and photography forum.

From 19th to 27th, Beijing International Photography Week 2019, consisted of 57 exhibitions, 1 main forum and 30 exchange activities, 11 off-site exhibitions, more than 3,400 photos and 98 new media video clips, which had created a wonderful photography art event for the residence of Beijing and photography enthusiasts . At the opening ceremony, Yang Yuanzhang, executive chairman of the Beijing International Photography Week 2019 Organizing Committee and chairman of the Chinese Art Photography Association, expressed his hope that friends from domestic and foreign photography industry and enthusiasts to enjoy the wonderful photography exhibitions at the photo week, participate in photography activities, and share knowledge and perception of the world.

“Image History 70 × 70” was one of the contents of the academic theme exhibition of “Image: Time and Memory” at the Beijing International Photography Week 2019. It displayed photos of the evolution of China from 70 photographers to symbolise the achievement of “Chinese Contemporary Photography Art” since the founding of the country in 1949. A selection of 70 photos showed the historical moments captured by photographers from different perspectives. Most of the works were black-and-white photos, mainly featured scenes of people’s activities, and recorded all aspects of social life since 1949, such as the celebration of Tiananmen Square, production scenes at iron and steel factory in Anshan, children in kindergartens, urban living space, bicycle flow at road junction.

This year’s “First Street” exhibition was held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. A total of 100 photos were displayed, divided into two themes, Beijing’s Changan Street and Moscow’s Tverskaya Street. The photos were based on people ’s clothing, food, accommodation, and spiritual appearance. Through the comparison between the old and new looks of the street, and the constant changes of people and things, the two streets that were of great significance to their respective countries and people were displayed. The profound changes that had taken place over the years.

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